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    Classificação de Cierny e Mader para osteomielite: cierny

    • Cierny–Mader Classification of Bone
      Type I—Medullary
      Infection is limited to the medullary canal. Typically seen after
      intramedullary nailing.
      Type II—Superficial
      Infection is limited to the exterior of the bone and does not penetrate the
      cortex. Typically seen from pressure ulcers.
      Type III—Permeative/StableInfection penetrates cortex but bone is axially stable and generally will not require supplemental stabilization. Typically seen
      after internal fixation with plates.
      Type IV—Permeative/Unstable
      Infection is throughout the bone in segmental fashion and results in axial instability. Typically seen in extensive infections or
      after aggressive debridement of type III infections that results in loss of axial stability

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